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60 Watt AC Adapter

If you're looking for a new AC adapter, you need to be sure you get one that's compatible with your notebook model. We stock a wide range of adapters from many manufacturers, with most being brand new, original products. Here's a quick guide to finding a 60 watt AC adapter that's suitable for your notebook.

Our 60 Watt AC Adapters

We currently stock two different 60 watt AC adapters. First, we have adapters from the Dell PA-16 family of adapters. These are suitable for the Dell Inspiron B130, B120, 3500, 3200, 3000, 2200, 1300, 1200, and 1000, as well as the Dell Latitude 110L and 120L.
Next, we have a 60 watt AC adapter for Gateway notebooks. This was originally intended for use with the Gateway Solo 1450, 1400, and 1200, but it also works with the Gateway notebooks listed below:

  • Gateway Solo 9550, 9500, 9300: 9300, 9150, 9100, 5300, 5150, 5100, 3150, 3100, 2550, 2500, 2300, 2200, 2150, 2100, 1150, and 1100.

Note that this AC adapter doesn't come with a power cord. You can either use the cord from your old adapter or include a new cord in your order from us.

Other AC Adapters

Even if your notebook isn't listed here, we probably still have a suitable AC adapter for it. Just because an adapter is not rated at 60 watts doesn't necessarily mean it's not compatible. You may even benefit from a more powerful AC adapter, such as by faster charging, especially while you're using the notebook as well.
To locate suitable AC adapters, you can type your notebook model into our quick search box on the top left of this page. Alternatively, you can use the category browser just below the search box. Just select your brand and model and you'll get a list of all the accessories and parts we have for your notebook.

A Quick Warning about Cheap Compatible Adapters

If you're tempted to buy a cheap compatible adapter for just a few bucks, think again. These adapters, especially the very cheap ones, are often not built to the same standard. By skimping on components, these adapters often do not provide a reliable current to the notebook. They can also have a lower efficiency, and many fail within a matter of weeks.
Our brand new, original AC adapters are very reasonably priced, and with this you'll get the reassurance that you are using something made by the original manufacturer.

Looking for Anything Else?

While you're here, why not see if we have anything else for your notebook? If you've been getting less and less battery life these days, you can get a new battery and enjoy your notebook's full battery life again. Sometimes you can upgrade to a higher capacity battery for up to 50% more battery life. Depending on your notebook model, you may also be able to get a secondary battery that fits in a modular bay. This supplements your primary battery for even more battery life.
As well as 60 watt AC adapters, we also have Auto/Air adapters for many notebooks. These handy devices enable you to charge your laptop while in your vehicle or on a plane. You can even get AC/Auto/Air combination adapters, so you have an all-in-one solution.

This article was published on Saturday 20 June, 2015.