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IBM ThinkPad T60 Type 2008 Battery

Getting a new battery for your IBM ThinkPad T60 can bring new life to it, especially if you've been struggling with a failing battery. Nothing works indefinitely, and batteries are no exception. Fortunately, we stock a range of notebook parts for all the major brands. You can order your IBM ThinkPad T60 type 2008 battery from us today and have it delivered to your door. Here's a quick guide to your buying options, as well as what to do when you get your new battery.

IBM ThinkPad T60 Type 2008 Battery Choices

We have a choice of two batteries for the ThinkPad T60. First, we have a 6-cell battery with a 5200 mAh capacity.
While this might serve your needs, it's well worth spending slightly more and getting the larger 9-cell battery instead. With a 7800 mAh capacity, that's 50% more battery life than the 6-cell version. The only downside of the 9-cell battery is that it sticks out an extra inch at the back (and it weighs a bit more of course).
Remember, these are brand-new, original IBM/Lenovo batteries, not cheap compatibles that will stop working within weeks. They're also suitable for a range of other IBM/Lenovo notebooks. Check the product pages for more information.

Fitting Your New Battery

Fitting your new battery is a breeze. Simply flip your ThinkPad T60 over and locate the release lever on the battery pack. Slide and hold this lever as you pull the old battery pack out.
Next, insert your new battery by pushing it in and following the slide rails. Make sure the release lever is in the locked position before turning your notebook back over.
Your battery will probably have little or no charge when it arrives, so you now need to give it a full charge. If it seems to charge too quickly, try removing and reinserting the battery before charging again. This sometimes happens with replacement batteries.

Looking After Your New Battery

You can do a couple of things to make sure you get the most from your new battery and avoid the need for another replacement.
Firstly, if you're using AC power constantly, you can remove the battery to avoid wear-and-tear from trickle charging and heat exposure. Be sure to keep it in a cool, dry place, though. When you need to work on the go, simply put it in before you leave.
The second trick is to avoid completely draining the battery. This can put a big strain on a battery, so it's best to shut down at 10% power or so whenever you can.

Disposing of Your Old Battery

Notebook batteries should never be thrown away with your normal garbage. They contain various toxic chemicals that will leak into the environment when dumped in landfill sites.
If your local recycling collection doesn't take batteries, check the Call2Recycle website for a nearby collection point. Many big-name national chains also operate battery-recycling schemes, so take your old ThinkPad T60 type 2008 battery along with you next time you go shopping at one.

This article was published on Saturday 20 June, 2015.