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NEC UltraLite Versa P
NEC UltraLite Versa P-75
NEC UltraLite Versa P-75C
NEC UltraLite Versa P-75HC
NEC UltraLite Versa S
NEC UltraLite Versa S-32
NEC UltraLite Versa S-33C
NEC UltraLite Versa S-33D
NEC UltraLite Versa S-50D
NEC UltraLite Versa V
NEC V-200
NEC V-300
NEC V-320
NEC V-400
NEC V-404U
NEC Versa 2000C
NEC Versa 2000D
NEC Versa 2200
NEC Versa 2200C
NEC Versa 2205C
NEC Versa 2250
NEC Versa 2400
NEC Versa 2400CD
NEC Versa 2405
NEC Versa 2405CD
NEC Versa 2430
NEC Versa 2430CD
NEC Versa 2435
NEC Versa 2435C
NEC Versa 2435CD
NEC Versa 2500
NEC Versa 2500CD
NEC Versa 2505
NEC Versa 2530
NEC Versa 2600
NEC Versa 2630CD
NEC Versa 2635CD
NEC Versa 2650
NEC Versa 2650CD
NEC Versa 2650CDT
NEC Versa 2655CD
NEC Versa 2655CDT
NEC Versa 2700
NEC Versa 2712
NEC Versa 2730
NEC Versa 2730M
NEC Versa 2730MT
NEC Versa 2760
NEC Versa 2760MT
NEC Versa 2765MT
NEC Versa 2780
NEC Versa 2780MT
NEC Versa 2800
NEC Versa 4000
NEC Versa 4000C
NEC Versa 4000D
NEC Versa 4050
NEC Versa 4050C
NEC Versa 4050H
NEC Versa 4080
NEC Versa 4080H
NEC Versa 4200
NEC Versa 4230
NEC Versa 500
NEC Versa 5000
NEC Versa 5060
NEC Versa 5060X
NEC Versa 5080
NEC Versa 5080X
NEC Versa 550
NEC Versa 550D
NEC Versa 6000
NEC Versa 6000H
NEC Versa 6010
NEC Versa 6010H
NEC Versa 6030
NEC Versa 6030H
NEC Versa 6030X
NEC Versa 6035H
NEC Versa 6050
NEC Versa 6050MH
NEC Versa 6050MX
NEC Versa 6050NH
NEC Versa 6050NT
NEC Versa 6060
NEC Versa 6200
NEC Versa 6200MX
NEC Versa 6220
NEC Versa 6230
NEC Versa 6260
NEC Versa 6262
NEC Versa 6270
NEC Versa C4000A
NEC Versa DayLite
NEC Versa E
NEC Versa E120 DayLite
NEC Versa FX
NEC Versa Lite FX
NEC Versa LitePad
NEC Versa LX
NEC Versa M
NEC Versa M 75TC
NEC Versa M300
NEC Versa M500
NEC Versa NX
NEC Versa P
NEC Versa P 75
NEC Versa P 75C
NEC Versa P 75HC
NEC Versa S
NEC Versa S 32
NEC Versa S 33C
NEC Versa S 33D
NEC Versa S 50D
NEC Versa SX
NEC Versa T400
NEC Versa Txi
NEC Versa UltraLite
NEC Versa V
NEC Versa V-50
NEC Versa V 50
NEC Versa V 75
NEC Versa VX
NEC Versa XL
NEC VersaNote
Netlux 6020
Netlux 7521P
Network NPB
New World Tech 386SXL
New World Tech 486SLC
New World Tech Mach 486 50
New World Tech Mach 50
Nimantics 6200T
Nimantics 6400T
Nimantics HS166M
Nimantics Orion 10XL
Nimantics Orion 8X
Nimantics P79
Nimantics Pentium SL86
Northgate 5400T
Northgate NB86
Northgate SL20
Northgate ZX Portable
Northgate ZX Portable II
Northstar Aries
Noteable 386SX
Noteable 486
Noteable 486DX2 66
Nova 440 IF
Nova 880 Tele Flash
Nova Disc 2000 EF
Nova MultiMedia NoteBook 86
Nova NP8100
Nova NP8320
Novacom Model 400
Novacom Model 486SLC2 50
Novacom Model 486SLCII-5
Novatech MultiMedia Portable Computer 98
NTK Submarine
Office Pro Systems Venturi P79T
Olivetti Echos 40
Olivetti Echos 42
Olivetti Echos 43C
Olivetti Echos 44C
Olivetti Echos 46
Olivetti Echos 910
Olivetti Echos P100
Olivetti Echos P100C
Olivetti Echos P100D
Olivetti Echos P100E
Olivetti Echos P12
Olivetti Echos P120
Olivetti Echos P120E
Olivetti Echos P133C
Olivetti Echos P133S
Olivetti Echos P1400C
Olivetti Echos P90
Olivetti Echos Pro
Olivetti Echos Pro 150S
Olivetti Echos Pro 150X
Olivetti Echos Pro P133
Olivetti Extrema 223S
Olivetti Philos 33
Olivetti Philos 44
Olivetti Philos 46
Olivetti Versa V-75
Olivetti VersaNote
Omnitek Notebook
Opti 1000
Opti 1400E
Opti 1400ES
Opti 280e
Opti 420E
Opti 650E
Opti 741
Opus Technology DLT3301
Ottara Computer OAK 386SX 25
Outbound 2000
Outbound 2030
Outbound 2030A
Pack -in-Tell Notebook
Packard Bell Diplomat Monochrome
Packard Bell Easy Note K5285
Packard Bell P486
Packard Bell PB286NB
Packard Bell PB386NB
Packard Bell PB386SNB
Packard Bell PB386SX
Packard Bell PB486-25NB
Packard Bell Philos 48
Packard Bell Xtreme
Panasonic 3100
Panasonic 3200
Panasonic 3500
Panasonic 4000
Panasonic 4100
Panasonic 4300
Panasonic 4500
Panasonic 4510
Panasonic 500
Panasonic AF-X3
Panasonic AFX12
Panasonic AFX6
Panasonic AFX8
Panasonic AG-100
Panasonic AG-150
Panasonic AG-155
Panasonic AG-160
Panasonic AG-170
Panasonic AG-180
Panasonic AG-180U
Panasonic AG-185U
Panasonic AG-187
Panasonic AG-188
Panasonic AG-188U
Panasonic AG-190
Panasonic AG-195
Panasonic AG-195MP
Panasonic AG-196
Panasonic AG-212DX
Panasonic AG-2400
Panasonic AG-3
Panasonic AG-400P
Panasonic AG-40U
Panasonic AG-450
Panasonic AG-455
Panasonic AG-456
Panasonic AG-456UP
Panasonic AG-459
Panasonic AG-460
Panasonic AG-461
Panasonic AG-506
Panasonic AG-6400
Panasonic AG-7400
Panasonic AG-BP15L
Panasonic AG-BP15P
Panasonic AG-DP800
Panasonic AG-DVC15
Panasonic AG-DVC200
Panasonic AG-DVC30 60
Panasonic AG-DVC60
Panasonic AG-DVC7
Panasonic AG-DVC80
Panasonic AG-DVX100
Panasonic AG-DVX1000
Panasonic AG-DVX100A
Panasonic AG-EZ1
Panasonic AG-EZ20
Panasonic AG-EZ30P
Panasonic AG-EZ30U
Panasonic AG-V50
Panasonic AGBP15
Panasonic AGBP20
Panasonic AGBP202
Panasonic AGBP20P
Panasonic AGBP212
Panasonic AGBP212DX
Panasonic AGBP25
Panasonic AGEZ1U
Panasonic AJ-D400
Panasonic AJ-D410A
Panasonic AJ-D700
Panasonic Allure
Panasonic BP-DC1
Panasonic C-2000ZM
Panasonic C-2100ZM
Panasonic C-2200ZM
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