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HP iPAQ h2210 Series
HP iPaq H2215
HP iPaq H3800
HP iPaq H3835
HP iPaq H4100
HP iPAQ h4100 Series
HP iPAQ h4150 Series
HP iPaq H4155
HP iPaq H4350
HP iPAQ h5400 series
HP iPAQ h5440 series
HP iPAQ h5450 series
HP iPAQ h5455 series
HP iPaq H5500
HP iPAQ hx2000 Series
HP iPAQ hx2400 Series
HP iPaq HX2415
HP iPAQ hx2700 Series
HP iPaq HX2755
HP iPAQ hx4700
HP iPaq HX4705
HP iPAQ Pocket PC 1915
HP iPAQ Pocket PC 1920
HP iPAQ Pocket PC 1935
HP iPAQ Pocket PC 1937
HP iPAQ Pocket PC E2028AS
HP iPAQ Pocket PC h1930
HP iPAQ Pocket PC h1940
HP iPAQ Pocket PC h48xx
HP iPAQ Pocket PC hx4000 Series
HP iPAQ Pocket PC PE2028A
HP iPAQ Pocket PC PE2028B
HP iPAQ Pocket PC PE2030A
HP iPAQ Pocket PC PE2030B
HP iPAQ Pocket PC PE2030C
HP iPAQ Pocket PC PE2030D
HP iPAQ Pocket PC PE2030E
HP iPAQ Pocket PC PE2030F
HP iPAQ Pocket PC PE2030G
HP iPAQ Pocket PC PE2030H
HP iPAQ Pocket PC PE2050X
HP iPAQ Pocket PC PE2051
HP iPAQ Pocket PC PE2060
HP iPAQ Pocket PC PE2062
HP iPAQ rx3000 Series
HP iPAQ rx3100 Series
HP iPaq RX3115
HP iPAQ rx3400 Series
HP iPAQ rx3700 Series
HP iPaq RX3715
HP iPAQ1900 Series
HP iPAQ1940 Series
HP Jornada 420
HP Jornada 428
HP Jornada 430
HP Jornada 520
HP Jornada 525
HP Jornada 540
HP Jornada 545
HP Jornada 547
HP Jornada 548
HP Jornada 560
HP Jornada 565
HP Jornada 567
HP Jornada 568
HP Jornada 680
HP Jornada 690
HP Jornada Cam
HP Media Center ZD7000 Series
HP Media Center ZD8210CA
HP Mobile Workstation NW8000
HP OmniBook 2000
HP OmniBook 2000CS
HP OmniBook 2000CT
HP OmniBook 2100
HP OmniBook 2103
HP OmniBook 2104
HP OmniBook 2105
HP OmniBook 2106
HP OmniBook 2120
HP OmniBook 2121
HP OmniBook 2122
HP OmniBook 2123
HP OmniBook 2124
HP OmniBook 2125
HP OmniBook 2126
HP OmniBook 2127
HP OmniBook 300
HP OmniBook 3000
HP OmniBook 3000CTX
HP OmniBook 3100
HP OmniBook 3101
HP OmniBook 3102
HP OmniBook 3250
HP OmniBook 400
HP OmniBook 4000
HP OmniBook 4000C
HP OmniBook 4000CT
HP OmniBook 4000E
HP OmniBook 4000M
HP OmniBook 4100
HP OmniBook 4101
HP OmniBook 4102
HP OmniBook 4103
HP OmniBook 4104
HP OmniBook 4105
HP OmniBook 4106
HP OmniBook 4107
HP OmniBook 4108
HP OmniBook 4110
HP OmniBook 4111
HP OmniBook 4150
HP OmniBook 4150B
HP OmniBook 425
HP OmniBook 430
HP OmniBook 500
HP OmniBook 5000
HP OmniBook 5000C
HP OmniBook 5000CT
HP OmniBook 5000CTS
HP OmniBook 5000VL
HP OmniBook 500B
HP OmniBook 510
HP OmniBook 530
HP OmniBook 5300
HP OmniBook 5500
HP OmniBook 5500CD
HP OmniBook 5500CS
HP OmniBook 5500CT
HP OmniBook 5700
HP OmniBook 5700CT
HP OmniBook 600
HP OmniBook 6000
HP OmniBook 6000 series
HP OmniBook 6000B
HP OmniBook 6000C
HP OmniBook 600C
HP OmniBook 600CT
HP OmniBook 6100
HP OmniBook 7000
HP OmniBook 7100
HP OmniBook 7103T
HP OmniBook 7150
HP Omnibook 800
HP OmniBook 800CS
HP OmniBook 800CT
HP OmniBook 900
HP OmniBook CT
HP OmniBook CTX
HP Omnibook notext xt1000 Series
HP Omnibook notext xt1500 Series
HP OmniBook Sojourn
HP OmniBook VT6200 Series
HP OmniBook XE
HP OmniBook XE 4100
HP OmniBook XE 4400
HP OmniBook XE 4500
HP OmniBook XE-DA
HP OmniBook XE2
HP OmniBook XE2-DA
HP OmniBook XE2-DB
HP OmniBook XE2-DC
HP OmniBook XE2-DD
HP OmniBook XE2-DE
HP OmniBook XE2-DI
HP OmniBook XE3
HP OmniBook XE3-GC
HP OmniBook XE3-GD
HP OmniBook XE3-GE
HP OmniBook XE3-GF
HP OmniBook XE3B
HP OmniBook XE3C
HP OmniBook XE3L
HP OmniBook XE4
HP OmniBook XT1000
HP OmniBook XT1500
HP OmniBook XT6050
HP OmniBook XT6200
HP Pavilion 4000
HP Pavilion 5000
HP Pavilion 5270
HP Pavilion 5450
HP Pavilion 6000
HP Pavilion AD8080
HP Pavilion DV1000
HP Pavilion DV1000 Series
HP Pavilion DV1000-DZ678AV
HP Pavilion DV1000-DZ731AV
HP Pavilion DV1001AP-PK809AS
HP Pavilion DV1001xx-PK807AS
HP Pavilion DV1002AP-PF352PA
HP Pavilion DV1002xx-PK808AS
HP Pavilion DV1003AP-PF353PA
HP Pavilion DV1004AP-PF354PA
HP Pavilion DV1005AP-PF355PA
HP Pavilion DV1006AP-PF356PA
HP Pavilion DV1007AP
HP Pavilion DV1007AP-PF367PA
HP Pavilion DV1008AP
HP Pavilion DV1008AP-PF368PA
HP Pavilion DV1009AP-PH468PA
HP Pavilion DV1009xx-PR284AS
HP Pavilion DV1010AP-PH476PA
HP Pavilion DV1010CA
HP Pavilion DV1010CA-PM056UA
HP Pavilion DV1010CA-PM056UAR
HP Pavilion DV1010CAF
HP Pavilion DV1010US-PM053UA
HP Pavilion DV1010US-PM053UAR
HP Pavilion DV1011AP
HP Pavilion DV1012AP-PD111PA
HP Pavilion DV1012LA-PQ641LA
HP Pavilion DV1013AP-PD110PA
HP Pavilion DV1013AP-PD112PA
HP Pavilion DV1014AP-PD113PA
HP Pavilion DV1014LA-PP888LA
HP Pavilion DV1015AP-PD114PA
HP Pavilion DV1015LA-PN713LA
HP Pavilion DV1016AP-PD117PA
HP Pavilion DV1017AP-PD118PA
HP Pavilion DV1018AP-PD119PA
HP Pavilion DV1019AP-PD120PA
HP Pavilion DV1020AP-PH482PA
HP Pavilion DV1021AP-PH483PA
HP Pavilion DV1022AP-PN562PA
HP Pavilion DV1023AP-PN563PA
HP Pavilion DV1024AP-PN575PA
HP Pavilion DV1024LA-PP889LA
HP Pavilion DV1025AP-PN576PA
HP Pavilion DV1025LA-PN712LA
HP Pavilion DV1026AP-PN907PA
HP Pavilion DV1027AP-PN578PA
HP Pavilion DV1029AP-PN888PA
HP Pavilion DV1029AP-PN908PA
HP Pavilion DV1030AP-PN910PA
HP Pavilion DV1031AP-PP963PA
HP Pavilion DV1032AP-PP971PA
HP Pavilion DV1033AP-PP981PA
HP Pavilion DV1034AP-PP982PA
HP Pavilion DV1035AP-PP989PA
HP Pavilion DV1036AP-PS939PA
HP Pavilion DV1037AP-PS940PA
HP Pavilion DV1040CA
HP Pavilion DV1040CA-PM057UA
HP Pavilion DV1040CA-PM057UAR
HP Pavilion DV1040US-PM054UA
HP Pavilion DV1040US-PM054UAR
HP Pavilion DV1042QV-PM055UA
HP Pavilion DV1044LA-PP890LA
HP Pavilion DV1049CL-PM058UA
HP Pavilion DV1049CL-PM058UAR
HP Pavilion DV1060US-PM059UA
HP Pavilion DV1060US-PM059UAR
HP Pavilion DV1065US-PM061UA
HP Pavilion DV1065US-PM061UAR
HP Pavilion DV1067EA-PQ563EA
HP Pavilion DV1068EA-PQ564EA
HP Pavilion DV1071EA-PQ562EA
HP Pavilion DV1101AP-PS925PA
HP Pavilion DV1102AP-PS926PA
HP Pavilion DV1122AP-PV253PA
HP Pavilion DV1128AP-PV295PA
HP Pavilion DV1134AP
HP Pavilion DV1135AP
HP Pavilion DV1150US
HP Pavilion DV1240CA
HP Pavilion DV1300-PT111AV
HP Pavilion DV1301AP
HP Pavilion DV1302AP
HP Pavilion DV1303AP
HP Pavilion DV1309AP
HP Pavilion DV1315CL
HP Pavilion DV1317AP
HP Pavilion DV1327AP
HP Pavilion DV1330CA
HP Pavilion DV1331SE
HP Pavilion DV4000 Series
HP Pavilion DV4000-PC253AV
HP Pavilion DV4000-PC268AV
HP Pavilion DV4000-PC269AV
HP Pavilion DV4000-PH856AV
HP Pavilion DV4000-PH857AV
HP Pavilion DV4000-PR496AV
HP Pavilion DV4000xx-PX249AS
HP Pavilion DV4001AP-PV281PA
HP Pavilion DV4001EA-EB916EA
HP Pavilion DV4001xx-PX248AS
HP Pavilion DV4002AP-PV282PA
HP Pavilion DV4003AP-PV294PA
HP Pavilion DV4004AP-PV298PA
HP Pavilion DV4004xx-PX251AS
HP Pavilion DV4005AP-PV302PA
HP Pavilion DV4005US-EA410UA
HP Pavilion DV4006AP-PV303PA
HP Pavilion DV4006xx-PX250AS
HP Pavilion DV4007AP
HP Pavilion DV4007AP-PV304PA
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