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The Dell BATDWOOL is a 12-cell lithium-ion battery for some Dell notebooks. If you bought an Inspiron 5100 back in the day, you would have got about four hours use on a full charge. Over time, unfortunately, batteries tend to decay, leaving you with a laptop or notebook that will only work on mains power. This defeats the whole point of having a mobile computer.

Fortunately, itís very easy to bring your laptopís battery life back to its original level. We have Dell BATDWOOL batteries in stock, ready to ship directly to your door. These arenít just compatible batteries. Theyíre original Dell products in brand new condition, so you can be sure youíre getting a quality product.

Fitting Your New Battery

If youíve never changed a notebook battery before, donít worryóitís a breeze. Your user manual contains detailed instructions with illustrations. If youíve lost your manual, here are some simple instructions.

First, make sure you save any work and shut down your laptop. Now, turn it over so youíre looking at its underside. The battery latch is marked with a battery symbol. Simply slide and hold this latch while you slide the old battery out of the laptop. Put this aside and get your new BATDWOOL battery. Insert it into the same slot and push until you hear the latch click into place.

Your battery wonít be charged when you receive it, so youíll need to make sure you fully charge it before going mobile again. Replacement batteries sometimes need to go through a few charge/discharge cycles before they can hold a maximum charge, so donít worry if youíre not getting the performance you expect at first.

Getting the Most from Your New Battery

Once youíre mobile again with your new BATDWOOL battery, you can make sure you maximize your mobile time with a few steps:

  • Lower the screen brightness: The screens on notebooks are a major power drain. Always lower the brightness to the lowest usable level to limit the drain on the battery.

  • Use aggressive power-saving settings: Windows allows you to use different settings when on battery and AC power, so you can compromise a little performance for extra battery life.

  • Disable background software: Software can run processes in the background that eat resources and interfere with power saving. Disable or uninstall anything you donít need to be running to get a little more battery life.

Itís possible that a batteryís maximum charge will diminish over time. To avoid this happening with your new battery, donít let your laptop get too hot, because heat will slowly damage it. This means making sure the laptop can always ventilate itself. For example, using a laptop on a pillow can block the air vents and lead to heat buildup, so always use it on a flat, solid surface that will allow air to flow to the vents.

If you use your notebook on AC power a lot, you can always take the battery out until you need it again. This avoids daily wear and tear when you donít even need the battery.

This article was published on Thursday 12 March, 2015.