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PC531 AC Adapter

Are you looking for a new Dell PC531 AC adapter for your notebook? We have brand new original Dell products in stock and ready to ship. What's more, they don't cost the earth.
It's extremely frustrating when an AC adapter fails, because it means you can't use your notebook beyond whatever charge is left in the battery. If you're in a rush, you can get your new AC adapter tomorrow if you order before 3PM EST, Sundays excluded of course.

The PC531 AC Adapter

This adapter is suitable for a wide range of Dell notebooks. To make sure it's compatible with your notebook, check the list below for your notebook model:

  • Inspiron models: E1505, E1405, 6400, 6000, 1764, 1564, 1521, 1520, 1501, 15z, 14z, 1464, 1440, 1420, 710M, 700M, 640m, 600M, 505M, 500M, 300M, and 11z.
  • Latitude models: Z, XT2 XFR, XT2, X300, E6500, E6410, E6400 ATG, E6400, E5510, E5500, E5410, E5400, E4300, E4200, D830N, D830, D810, D800, D631N, D630N, D630, D620, D610, D600, D531N, D531, D530, D520, D510, D505, D500, D430, D420, D410, D400, 131L, 2110, and 13.
  • Precision models: M20, M4400, and M2400.
  • XPS models: M140 and M1210.
  • Vostro models: V13, 1720, 1400, 1320, 1220, 1000.
  • Studio models: Studio XPS 13, 1558, 1557, 1555, 1537, 14z, 1458, 1457.

If your notebook isn't listed above, you may need a different type of AC adapter. You can either type your notebook's model number into our quick search box, or you can use the browsing tool to navigate to the right page for your notebook.

Original versus Compatible AC Adapters

Our PC531 AC adapters are original Dell products, even though we don't charge original Dell prices, but what are the advantages of this?
Firstly, your AC adapter has probably just failed, so you know how annoying it can be. You've probably been using your original adapter for years before it failed, but some cheap compatible adapters fail within weeks, meaning you need to order yet another replacement.
This is because unbranded (or unknown brand) AC adapters are made to very basic levels of quality. That's why they can sell them so cheap. They also often lack the additional components needed to provide a steady flow of power to the notebook.
Another common characteristic of cheap AC adapters is how they get hot because of an inefficient design and build. This contributes to their limited lifespan and wastes electricity in the process.
Of course, not all compatible AC adapters are bad, and products from respectable brands often match up with the originals. That said, our adapters are so cheap anyway. Is it really worth saving a few bucks and taking the risk of buying an inferior product that might fail in a few weeks or months?

Looking for Other Replacement Notebook Parts?

You can be sure you'll get a quality PC531 AC adapter from us, but we stock more than just AC adapters.
Replacement batteries are our other major line, because a new battery can restore your notebook's original battery life. It can even increase it if you're replacing a lower capacity battery. Most of our batteries are brand new, original Dell products, but if one is refurbished or a replacement, it'll be clearly indicated on the product page.
We also stock other parts, such as replacement keyboards, DVD drives, docking stations, auto/air adapters, and Wi-Fi adapters. You can use the browser to the left of this page to navigate to your notebook model. Maybe you'll find something that interests you.

This article was published on Sunday 14 June, 2015.