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HP Pavilion dv4000 Adapter

It's always the case that your AC adapter fails at the worst possible moment. One minute you can be happily using it, the next you realize you're on a limited amount of battery power. As you rush to back up your important files, you're probably wondering where to get a cheap replacement.
Fortunately, it's easy to get a replacement HP Pavilion dv4000 adapter with us. Simply add it to your basket and head over to our secure checkout process. Not only is this reasonably priced, it's an original, brand-new HP product, not some cheap compatible.

Why Not Upgrade to a Smart Charger?

Instead of the standard HP Pavilion dv4000 adapter, you can pay a little extra and go for a HP Smart Charger instead. This uses HP's smart-pin technology and has a few advantages over a standard charger:

  • Designed for increased energy efficiency
  • Works with the notebook to draw a minimal amount of power, saving on your energy bill
  • Provides built-in surge protection
  • Stays cooler than a standard charger

Whether you want to help the environment or just save on your energy bill, a HP Smart Charger makes a lot of sense for just a little bit extra.

Looking After Your New Adapter

Once you get your new AC adapter, make sure you never need another one again by following a few simple tips.
Firstly, never use it in a way that puts stress on the cords and connectors, such as having the power brick hanging midair. In the worst case, you can damage the power connector inside your notebook, and that is not cheap or easy to repair.
Second, don't hide it under blankets/cushions or down the side of the couch. AC adapters, even smart chargers, inevitably generate some heat. Have it somewhere where it can cool itself, otherwise the heat buildup will contribute to premature failure.

Why Should You Get an Official HP Adapter?

First of all, there are many reputable brands that sell compatible adapters, and you'll generally find these to be fine. The problems come with the many unbranded (or unknown brand) AC adapters that flood the market.
Some of these submit their products for certification and then remove "non-essential" components for production. While this allows them to sell AC adapters cheaply, these are often unreliable, inefficient, prone to failure, and sometimes even dangerous. For example, a 23-year-old woman in China was reportedly killed after plugging her iPhone into an unbranded charger.
Using an original HP charger will avoid safety and compatibility issues. You know for sure it's just going to work fine.

Need a Replacement dv4000 Battery?

If you've been noticing the battery life diminishing on your HP Pavilion dv4000, maybe it's time to get a replacement.
Buying a new 6-cell Li-Ion battery can get you the battery life you experienced when your notebook was new. What's more, even if you don't absolutely need a new battery, you can always use a second battery for extra time on the move.
Fitting a new battery is extremely easy, and even the most novice of notebook users can easily do it.

This article was published on Friday 15 May, 2015.