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Latitude D610 Replacement Keyboard

Has the built-in keyboard of your Dell Latitude D610 started going faulty? If you're tempted to just get an external keyboard or maybe even just a new notebook, think again. You can get an original Dell Latitude D610 replacement keyboard from us and avoid spending a fortune on a new notebook. What's more, it's not hard to fit a replacement keyboard, and we'll even tell you how to do it.

Fitting Your New Keyboard

Once you receive your brand new Latitude D610 replacement keyboard, it's time to fit it. It shouldn't take too long, but make sure you have at least an hour, so you can take your time and not feel rushed. The only tools you'll need is a crosshair screwdriver and maybe a blunt knife.


Note that this is just a quick guide to get you started. You can find full details in the maintenance manual for your Latitude D610. What's more, there are some great videos out there that show the process, so have a search on YouTube or so before starting. This will help your confidence and remove any confusion.
For safety reasons, the first thing you should do is shut down your notebook. Once it's turned itself off, remove the AC power jack (if connected) and flip it over. Slide the battery release lever and remove the battery, setting it aside. Flip your notebook back over and open the screen. Also, even though you won't be completely opening your notebook, it's best make sure you're not carrying any static charge.

Removing the Old Keyboard

The first step is to remove the plastic bezel above the keyboard (below the screen). This needs a little careful force, so take a blunt knife or flat-headed screwdriver and insert it to the right of the bezel. Use this to carefully lever the bezel from the case. Once the right side comes free, you should be able to remove the rest by hand. Set the bezel aside for later.
Now that the bezel's off, you should see two screws above the keyboard. These are what's holding it in, so take your crosshair screwdriver and take them out. Store them somewhere safe to avoid losing them.
You should now be able to lift the keyboard, but you'll notice a ribbon cable connecting it to the notebook's motherboard. Carefully remove the ribbon cable from the motherboard, and Voila! You're half way there. Throw the old keyboard away.

Fitting the New Keyboard

Fitting your Latitude D610 replacement keyboard is pretty much a process of reversing what you just did. Start by taking your new keyboard out of the packaging and carefully attach its ribbon cable to the notebook motherboard. Next, put the keyboard down, so the tabs at the bottom are holding it in place.
The screw holes should line up now, so put in the two screws you removed earlier. If you've done everything right, the keyboard should be fully secured now. Next, carefully push the plastic bezel back into position.
You're almost there. Close the screen and turn the notebook over. Reinsert the battery and AC adapter (if needed) and flip the notebook back over.
You can now turn it on as normal and enjoy a fully functional keyboard.

This article was published on Sunday 31 May, 2015.