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130W AC Adapter

Are you looking for a new 130W AC Adapter? The safest way to ensure you order the right replacement is to look for the part number on your old adapter. You can then put this into the search box on our home page to get a list of suggestions.
If you've lost your old adapter, or the part number isn't readable any more, here's a quick guide to the possible replacements.

Finding the Right Replacement

First off, you likely want a replacement for a Dell notebook. If this isn't the case, go to our home page and navigate to your laptop model through the "Categories" window. This will give you a list of all compatible parts for your model.
Now, if you do have a Dell Laptop, you should be able to locate the right adapter below.

PA-4E 130 Watt AC Adapter

The PA-4E 130W AC adapter is suitable for a large number of Dell notebooks. Check the list below to find your notebook model:

  • Alienware M11X R3
  • Inspiron N5040 and 15R (N5110)
  • Latitude XT3, E6530, E6520, E6510, E6500, E6430s, E6430 ATG, E6430, E6420 ATG, E6420, E6410 ATG, E6410, E6400 ATG, E6400, E6320, E5530, E5520, E5430, E5420, E5410, E5400, E4310, E4300, and E4200
  • Precision M90, M6700, M4500, M4400, and M2400
  • Studio XPS 16 (1647) and XPS 16 (1645)
  • XPS M1710, M170, L702X, 17 (L701X), 15 (L502X), 15 (L501X), and 14 (L401X).

This adapter is also compatible with the following part numbers: 330-1830, D232H, 330-1829, and X408G.

PA-13 (a/g) AC Adapter

The basic PA-13 AC Adapter is compatible with the Dell Inspiron XPS Gen2, XPS M1710, XPS M170, 5160, and 5150.
The PA13-a and PA13-g variants are also 130W AC adapters that support all of the above notebooks, but they also add support for the Precision M6300 and M90 models.

Always Buy Quality

Note that all of the above 130W AC Adapters are brand new, original Dell parts and come complete with a power cord. You might find cheap compatible adapters, but these are often made to a lower standard, so they may be less efficient and durable, and some may even be dangerous. Some of these replacements feature Dell-like branding, but don't be fooled. Always make sure the listing explicitly states that it's an original Dell product.

Looking for a Port Replicator with a 130W AC Adapter?

If you have a Dell Precision M90 or M6300, you might be interested in getting a port replicator with its own 130W AC adapter. This handy product enables you to connect all your external devices on your desk at home or work.
When you have your monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, and so on connected to this port replicator, all you need to do is drop your Precision notebook onto the docking connector. When you then start up, you'll have access to all your external devices for more of a desktop feel.
What's more, when you want take your notebook out, there's no need to disconnect half a dozen cables. You can simply lift it off the docking connector, put it in your case, and head out.

This article was published on Wednesday 01 April, 2015.