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Inspiron 2200 Battery

When you have a notebook like the Inspiron 2200, you expect to be able to use it when you're out without the need for AC power. When you first bought your notebook, you probably got about four hours of battery life from it. That's some time ago, though, and batteries don't last forever. If you get a replacement Inspiron 2200 battery from us, you can enjoy the original four hours of battery life again.
Note that this battery is also suitable for the Dell Inspiron 1000, 1200 and 2200 notebooks, as well as the Latitude 110L.

Why Get an Original Inspiron 2200 Battery?

When you buy a brand new, original Dell battery from us, you can be sure it's going to work with your notebook. Cheap compatible batteries are often built to lower standards and likely to fail sooner. Sometimes they don't even physically fit into your notebook and have to be forced or taped into position.
What's more, an Inspiron 2200 battery from us is very reasonably priced anyway, so why bother with a cheap compatible?

Need Other Parts for Your Inspiron 2200?

While we have a huge range of batteries, we also stock many other commonly required parts for older notebooks. Often these are hard to find or expensive to buy directly from Dell.
It's quite common for AC adapters to fail eventually, and this can be a huge problem if you need to use your notebook or even just get data off it. Ordering a spare PA-16 AC adapter doesn't cost that much, and you'll be prepared if the old one fails. You could also make your life easier by keeping one at home and one in the office.
Notebook keyboards also wear out over time. The letters and symbols wear off the most commonly used keys, and some keys may start sticking because of occasional spills. Some keys may stop working altogether. Fitting a replacement Inspiron 2200 keyboard isn't that hard, and you can often find videos online that guide you through the process.
If you bought a basic Inspiron 2200 without a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, you might want to consider adding a Wireless MiniPCI card. This will enable you to use Wi-Fi without the need for USB dongles and such like. Finally, if your DVD+/-RW drive is playing up, we also stock replacement DVD modules.
All these products are original Dell products, with the exception of the Wi-Fi card, which is made by Intel for Dell.

Caring for Your New Inspiron 2200 Battery

Once you've received and fitted your new battery, you probably want to make sure you get the best life possible for as long as you can. Here are a few tips.
Firstly, try to avoid fully draining the battery. Getting that last few percent from a battery makes it work much harder. If you can shut down at 10%, it'll make life easier for the battery.
Secondly, if you work on AC power a lot, you can always take the battery out. This avoids a lot of daily wear and tear from trickle charging and heat buildup.
Finally, make sure your notebook can cool itself. Heat buildup can damage many components, including the battery. Some people like to use a notebook cooler to make sure the underside is well ventilated.

This article was published on Sunday 07 June, 2015.