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Getting a New Dell 65W-AC Adapter

One day, you're happily working away on your Dell laptop when you notice that you're out of battery power, even though the AC adapter is plugged into the wall. Unfortunately, all electronic equipment has a limited lifespan and needs replacing at some point.
A failed AC adapter can be really annoying. Unless you have some sort of backup, such as an external charger, your laptop becomes useless in a matter of hours. Getting a new Dell 65W-AC adapter is usually the only option.

Do I Need a New AC Adapter?

Before you order a new one, check that all cables are firmly plugged in. This means both the one that plugs into your laptop and the cable that goes between the mains and the converter (the small black box). These can sometimes work loose without you noticing. You could also try the adapter in a different power outlet. If this still doesn't work, something has probably fried or come lose inside, so order a new one as soon as possible.
If your AC adapter has become unreliable, you should also order a new one immediately. Maybe you notice you need to bend or wiggle the cable to get it to work. An unreliable AC adapter will eventually fail, leaving you without a working notebook. We stock replacement Dell 65W-AC adapters at a great price. For this price, it's not worth struggling on without a working adapter.

Be Wary of Imitations

Imitation AC adapters made by third-party manufacturers may not be as efficient or reliable as the original adapter. Some can even be dangerous because of poor-quality construction. Our 65W-AC adapters are original Dell parts, not cheap imitations.

Which Models Use the Dell 65W-AC Adapter?

The Dell 65W-AC Adapter is compatible with a wide range of Dell laptops. You need this adapter if you have any of the following Dell products:

Inspiron range:

E1505, E1405, 6400, 6000, 1764, 1564, 1521, 1520, 1501, 15z, 14z, 1464, 1440, 1420, 710M, 700M, 640m, 600M, 505M, 500M, 300M, and 11z.

Latitude range:

Z , XT2 XFR, XT2, X300, E6500, E6410, E6400 ATG, E6400, E5510, E5500, E5410, E5400, E4300, E4200, D830N, D830, D810, D800, D631N, D630N, D630, D620, D610, D600, D531N, D531, D530, D520, D510, D505, D500, D430, D420, D410, D400, 131L, 2110, and 13.

Precision range:

M4400m M2400, and M20.

XPS range:

M140 and M1210.

Vostro range:

V13, 1720, 1400, 1320, 1220, and 1000.

Studio range:

Studio XPS 13, 1558, 1557, 1555, 1537, 14z, 1458, and 1457.

Looking After Your New Dell 65W-AC Adapter

You'll hopefully not be needing a new AC adapter for a while, but here's a few tips to ensure you won't.

Don't let it get too hot

AC adapters inevitably get a little bit hot, but excessive heat can lead to breakdowns. If it's sitting in a normal open area, it should be fine. However, avoid shoving it down the side of the sofa or having items over it. Anything that stops it cooling will reduce its lifespan.

Don't stress the cables

Too much stress on the cables can lead to failures in the connectors. Worse still, breaking the AC connector on your laptop is not so easily fixed. Try to avoid situations where you stretch the cable or leave the AC converter box suspended by just the cable.

This article was published on Saturday 20 June, 2015.