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Dell Y4367 Replacement Battery

Have you got an old Dell Latitude D810 or a Precision M70 laptop and looking for a new battery? If so, you want the Y4367. Many laptops can last for years, but the battery is one component that wears out over time. An old, well-used battery holds less power, so your laptop eventually becomes unusable without a permanent AC connection.
Getting parts for older laptops can be a challenge, because the Dell accessory store doesn't sell them after a while. We have brand new Y4367 batteries in stock and ready to ship. These are original Dell products, not compatible products from third-party manufacturers.

About the Y4367

The Y4367 is a fairly typical 9-cell lithium-ion laptop battery. It has a capacity of 80 WH / 7200 mAh and weighs about a pound. A new battery in perfect condition can power a Dell Latitude D810 for about five hours on the go.
The Y4367 is also compatible with the following Dell part numbers: 310-5351, 312-0336, 312-0279, C5340, C5331, D5505, F5608, D5540, F5616, Y4367, and G5226.

Installing a New Battery

When you receive your new Y4367 battery, installing it is easy, even for the most novice user. When you receive your new battery, shut down your laptop and unplug the AC supply. If you're using a docking device, remove the laptop from it.
With the screen closed, turn the laptop over so you're looking at its underbelly. The battery is contained in the front-left compartment. The release latch is located on the right of this compartment. To release the battery, slide the latch to the left and hold it. You should then be able to easily remove the old battery.
Now, slide the new battery into the empty space until you hear the release latch click into place. You're now ready to charge your new battery.

Recharging Your New Battery

Your new Y4367 battery will be empty on arrival, so you need to charge it as normal. If the battery shows as being fully charged after just 10 minutes or so, you may need to remove it, reinsert it, and continue charging. This often happens with new batteries, and you may need to go through two or three charge/discharge cycles before the battery can reach maximum capacity.

Looking After Your Battery

To get a long life from your battery and avoid the need for another one, try the tips below.

Don't drain the battery completely

Squeezing every last drop from a lithium-ion battery puts a big strain on it. If you get down to 10% power, consider shutting it down early.

Don't let it get hot

Heat reduces the life of a battery. Check the vents on your laptop aren't clogged, and use compressed air if needed to unblock them. Using your laptop on cushions and such like will generally increase heat build-up, so avoid this.

Take it out when not needed

If you're working on AC power a lot, take out your Y4367 battery. You can always put it back when you need to be mobile. This avoids daily wear and tear on the battery and preserves its life for when you really need it.

This article was published on Saturday 20 June, 2015.