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Dell TD347 Battery

Nothing lasts forever, and the same is true of notebook batteries, no matter how well you look after them. Over time, you notice that you get less and less mobile use from your notebook. Eventually, it becomes kind of pointless trying to use it without a power connection.
Fortunately, it's easy to get a new battery and swap it with your old one. You can then enjoy your notebook as it was supposed to be used, whether it's on the subway, bus, or just sitting in the park. What's more, if you're upgrading from a 6-cell battery, the Dell TD347 battery can give you 50% more usable time between charges. That can be an extra two hours or more depending on your notebook model and settings.

Buy Your Dell TD347 Battery from Us

When you buy your new battery from us, you'll get a brand new Dell original part. This isn't a refurbished product or a cheap knockoff, so you'll get the same experience as you would from a brand new notebook.
Note that this battery is intended for the Dell Inspiron 6400, 1501 and E1505; the Dell Latitude 131L; and the Dell Vostro 1000. If you have a different notebook model, either type it into our search page or use the browse frame to navigate to your notebook model.
Also, if you want to save some money, you can also go for a cheaper 6-cell battery. Given the relatively small price difference, though, I think you'll agree the 9-cell battery is well worth the extra.

Looking After Your New TD347 Battery

Once you've got a new battery, you probably want to make sure you won't need to order another one soon. In fact, you'll hopefully be looking for a new notebook before you need yet another battery.
One thing you can do is remove the battery when you're using it on AC power for extended periods. This avoids the daily strain of being constantly topped up and exposed to high temperatures. You can always put it back it when you need it.
Also, avoid pushing the battery too far. Getting the last 10% out of a battery puts a disproportionate amount of strain on it, so whenever possible, shut your notebook down before this happens.

Dispose of Your Old Battery Responsibly

Once you've got your new Dell TD347 battery, you probably have no use for your old one. A notebook battery should never be thrown in the trash, because it'll likely end up in a landfill. Batteries contain toxic chemicals that can leak into the environment and contaminate the food chain. In some states, it's even illegal to dispose of batteries like this.
Recycling is a much better option, because some materials can be reused in new products. Any remaining material can then be safely disposed of without harming the environment.
Even if your county or district doesn't provide a recycling service for batteries, there are plenty of other options. Some big-name retailers run free recycling schemes, so you can just drop your battery off in store. In some states, retailers that sell such equipment are obliged to accept batteries for recycling, even if you didn't buy them there.
Finally, the Call2Recycle program has a network of over 34,000 collection sites across North America. Their service is free and funded by a range of battery manufacturers.

This article was published on Friday 22 May, 2015.