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Dell Laptop Battery (65wh)

Looking for a replacement battery for your Dell Inspiron 700M or 710M? We have a range of Dell laptop components in stock and ready to ship. When you order your Dell Laptop Battery (65wh) from us, you'll be getting an original Dell product, not some cheap rip-off. You'll also get a great deal, and we deliver to your door.

If your old battery is failing, it really makes sense to get a new one. What's the point of having an thin-and-light notebook like the Dell Inspiron 700M/710M if you can't use it on the go? A new battery will give your hours of mobile usability again.

What's more, this is the 65wh battery that came with the Inspiron 710M. If you're replacing a 32wh battery on the 700M, you'll double the original battery life straight away. That makes it a worthwhile upgrade in itself. Plus, you can always keep your old battery for extra uptime or as a spare.

Using Your New Dell Laptop Battery (65wh)

When you receive your new battery, it will most likely have little or no charge in it. When you charge it up, it may claim to be 100% charged after a very short period. This sometimes happens when using replacement batteries. All you need to do is remove and reinsert it and before charging it again.

Getting the Most from Your New Battery

To make sure you get the most from your new battery, follow these simple tips to maximize its lifetime:

  • Remove the battery when you're working on AC power constantly, because this will increase its lifetime.
  • Don't let the battery get too low, because getting that last 10% of battery life can put a huge strain on the battery.
  • Make sure you're power-saving settings are on to get the best battery life.
  • Avoid overheating, because excessive heat is not good for your battery (or anything else in your notebook). If needed, get some compressed air to clean the air vents of your notebook.
Beware of Cheap Imitations

If you search online market places, you might find laptop batteries cheaper, but are they Dell products? Compatible batteries aren't always made to the same standard. That's why they're cheaper, and often they don't last as long. Sometimes they don't even fit correctly, meaning they fall out occasionally.

Need Any Other Parts for Your Inspiron 700M/710M?

We stock more than just replacement batteries. We also have other replacement parts, some of which can be hard to find elsewhere.
For example, if your keyboard is playing up or just worn out, you can get a replacement keyboard from us. Fitting it is a little more complicated than changing a battery, but you can find guides on the Web to take you through it.
We also stock AC adapters and both 2-wire and 3-wire replacement power cords for when yours breaks down. While you're at it, though, why not just get a combination AC/Auto/Air adapter. This combines the normal AC adapter with cables for DC charging with a cigarette lighter adapter. This means you can top up your battery whether you're on the road, on a plane, or at work or home.

This article was published on Wednesday 13 May, 2015.