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Dell D/Dock

Are you looking for a docking station for a Dell D-Family notebook? A docking station can bring many advantages when youíre using your notebook at home or in the office. No longer do you need to connect half a dozen cables before you can start using it.

Finding accessories like docking stations for older laptops can be difficult, because Dell tend to discontinue parts after a few years. Fortunately, we have Dell D/Dock units in stock and ready to ship. These are original Dell parts, and you can choose to buy a brand new unit or save money with a refurbished one.

Why Get a Dell D/Dock?

The main advantage of a docking station is to make it easier to use your laptop in the home or office. When youíre not on the move, you probably prefer to use your laptop with an external full-sized keyboard and mouse. Maybe you also want to use the LAN rather than Wifi. Maybe you use a larger external monitor as well.

So, you arrive at your desk at the home/office. Once youíve unpacked your D-Family laptop, you need to get the power adapter out, unravel it, and plug it in. You then need to connect the external keyboard and mouse, the network cable, the monitor cable, and then any other peripherals, such as printers, scanners, and so on.

With a Dell D/Dock, you can leave all your peripherals connected to the docking station. When you need to take your notebook on the move, you can simply lift it off and put it in your case. When you get back, just drop it back into place and youíre ready to go again.

What Can a Dell D/Dock Do?

The D/Dock has an integrated power supply, so you donít need to use your normal AC adapter. You can connect an external PS/2 keyboard and mouse. There are four USB slots for various peripherals, as well as serial and parallel ports for printers and scanners. For connecting an external monitor, there are both VGA and DVI connectors available, as well as S-video for connecting to a TV and audio outputs. Thereís an RJ45 port for LAN connection and a modem port. In total, there are 15 connectors available.

Itís more than just a port replicator, though. It also has the ability to plug in a Dell Media Module and add an optical drive or a second hard drive to your system. If you have a second battery for your media bay, you can charge it here. You can also install a half-height PCI card, giving you an element of expandability that you donít get with just a notebook.

Which Notebooks Are Compatible?

Not all notebooks are the same, so make sure you get a docking station that will fit with your notebook. This docking station works with the following Dell notebooks:

Dell Latitude series: D830, D820, D810 (with discrete Radeon Graphics), D810 (with integrated Graphics), D800, D630, D620, D610, D600, D500, D430, D420, D410, and D400.

Dell Precision series: M4300, M2300, M6300, M90, and M60.

Dell XPS 1710

This article was published on Thursday 26 March, 2015.