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Dell 65W AC Adaptor

Has the AC adapter for your Dell notebook just stopped working? You can get your notebook back up and running in no time when you order a new adapter from us. We'll guide you toward the right adapter for your model and explain why you should buy it from us.

Finding the Right AC Adapter

If you're looking for a Dell 65W AC adapter, you probably need one from the PA-12 family of AC adapters. These work on a wide range of Dell notebooks, so check to see if your model is in the list below:

  • Precision models M4400, M2400, and M20.
  • Inspiron models E1505, E1405, 6400, 6000, 1764, 1564, 1521, 1520, 1501, 15z, 14z, 1464, 1440, 1420, 710M, 700M, 640m, 600M, 505M, 500M, 300M, and 11z.
  • Latitude models Z, XT2 XFR, XT2, X300, E6500, E6410, E6400 ATG, E6400, E5510, E5500, E5410, E5400, E4300, E4200, D830N, D830, D810, D800, D631N, D630N, D630, D620, D610, D600, D531N, D531, D530, D520, D510, D505, D500, D430, D420, D410, D400, 131L, 2110, and 13.
  • Studio models XPS 13, 1558, 1557, 1555, 1537, 14z, 1458, and 1457.
  • XPS models M140 and M1210.
  • Vostro models 1000, 1220, 1320, 1400, 1720, and V13.

Is your notebook not listed above? No problem, simply go to our search page and enter your model number. Alternatively, you can browse to your laptop model using the browsing tool to the left of this page. Either approach will get you a list of AC adapters that are suitable for your notebook. Note that you don't necessarily need a 65W AC adapter, because a power supply can be compatible without the same wattage. The more important features are the jack format and the voltage.
Now, let's explain why you should buy your new Dell 65W AC Adapter from us.

Why Buy from Us?

Firstly, our AC adapters are original Dell products, yet we sell them much cheaper than if you bought one direct from Dell.
Maybe you're wondering why it matters to have an original Dell AC adapter For a start, it avoids many of the compatibility issues people experience with cheap "compatibles." For example, some people report that compatible adapters allow them to run their notebooks off AC power, but their batteries don't charge. Sometimes the power jacks can be slightly off, meaning it's either loose or excessively tight.
There may also be a difference in quality. Not all AC adapters are created equal, and quality ones contain extra components to ensure a long life of reliable and efficient use. If you see a very cheap AC adapter, it's probably been stripped down to just the most basic components. This means, for example, that it's less likely to compensate for fluctuations in the mains power.
Perhaps more worrying, though, is the safety element. Many unbranded (or unknown brand) AC adapters don't follow basic safety standards, even if they carry the usual certification. For example, mains electricity is very dangerous, so an AC adapter should have at least 3mm of insulation between the AC input and the DC output. Some cheap AC adapters don't even have this.
You can avoid all these problems by just getting an original Dell 65W AC Adapter, but if you do get a compatible, make sure it's from a respectable brand.

This article was published on Saturday 30 May, 2015.