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Dell 90w AC Adapter

If youíre looking for a Dell 90W AC adapter, the chances are that yours has broken down. This simple component is essential to using a Dell notebook. Without it, you canít even charge the battery or use it on mains power.
The good news is that we have suitable PA-3E AC adapters ready to ship to your door. Whatís more, they donít cost the earth.

Compatible Notebooks

Of course, itís always important to check a new AC adapter will work with your Dell notebook. The one we stock is from the PA-3E family, and itís compatible with the following Dell part numbers: 330-1826, Y807G, C120H, 330-4113, 330-1827, D094H, 330-1828, 330-1825, Y808G, 330-1826, Y807G, WK890, PA3-E, and A-3E.
This adapter works with many Dell notebooks, but to be sure, see if your laptop model is in the following list of notebooks:

  • Alienware
    • M11X R3.
  • Inspiron
    • N4030. , N4020, M5110, M5010, E1705, E1505, 9400, 6400, 17R (N7110), 17R (N7010), 1721, 1720, 17 (1764), 17 (1750), 15z (1570), 15R (N5110), 15R (N5010), 1546, 1526, 1525, 1521, 1520, 15 (1564), 15 (1545), 14z (1470), 14R (N4010), 1420, 14 (1464), 14 (1440), 13R (N3010), 13 (1318), and 11z (1110)
  • XPS
    • M1530, M140, M1330, M1210, 15z, 15 (L501X), and 14(L401X).
  • Latitude
    • XT2 XFR. , XT2, XT, X1, E6520, E6510, E6500, E6420 XFR, E6420 ATG, E6420, E6410 ATG, E6410, E6400/6400 ATG, E6400 XFR, E6400 ATG, E6400, E6320, E5520, E5510, E5500, E5420, E5410, E5400, E4310, E4300, E4200, D830, D820, D810, D810, D800, D631, D630, D620, D610, D600, D531, D530, D520, D510, D505, D500, D430, D420, D410, and D400.
  • Precision
    • M70, M65, M60, M4500, M4400, M4300, M2400, M2300, and M20.
  • Studio
    • XPS 1640. , XPS 16 (1647), XPS 16 (1645), XPS 13 (M1340), 1749, 1747, 1745, 1737, 1735, 1569, 1558, 1557, 1555, 1537, 1536, 15 (1535), 14z (1440), 1458, and 1457.
  • Vostro
    • V131, V130, A90, 3750, 3700, 3550, 3500, 3450, 3400, 3300, 2510, 1720, 1710, 1700, 1520, 1510, 1500, 1400, 1320, 1310, 1220, 1015, 1014, and 1000.

Why Buy Original Dell Products?

If youíve been tempted by a cheap Dell 90w AC adapter from somewhere else, you should probably think again. It probably isnít an original Dell product, even if it may seem to carry the Dell logo.
Dellís AC adapters are built to a certain standard of efficiency and reliability, while cheap compatibles often skimp on components and build quality to make them as cheap as possible. For example, many get much hotter than the genuine Dell products, and this is a sure sign of low quality, poor reliability, and a limited lifetime. You might also find the power cable is shorter, which can be annoying when youíre not near an AC outlet.
Scariest of all, however, is how some unscrupulous manufacturers ship AC adapters that donít meet basic safety standards, even if they claim CE conformity. Poor quality AC adapters can actually be dangerous, and they should be avoided at all costs. These manufacturers also wonít shy away from fraudulently using brand names on their products, so be very wary of what you buy.

Caring for Your New Dell 90w AC Adapter

Dellís products are made to be durable and long lasting, but there are a couple of things you can do to avoid needing to buy another AC adapter. Firstly, donít put it somewhere where it can overheat. For example, if you tend to jam it down the side of the couch, move it somewhere where it can stay cool. An overheating AC adapter will tend to break down sooner.
Secondly, try to avoid stretching the cables. Putting constant stress on the cables will put more strain on the internal connectors, and may lead to premature failure.

This article was published on Wednesday 06 May, 2015.