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Dell 312-0460 Batteries

A worn-out battery can be very frustrating when you're trying to use your notebook on the go, so why not treat yourself to a new one? What's more, the Dell 312-0460 battery has nine cells with a total capacity of 85Wh, about 50% more power than the six-cell 53Wh battery that shipped as standard on the Inspiron E1505 and other notebooks. The Dell Vostro 1000 even shipped with just a 29Wh battery. In real terms, you can get about 4 hours of continuous use of your E1505, even longer if you use aggressive power settings.

Finding parts for older notebooks isn't always easy, but we stock parts for a wide range of laptops. We have Dell 312-0460 batteries in stock and ready to deliver to your door. These are brand new, original Dell batteries, not cheap knock offs. You can be sure you'll be getting a quality product that'll deliver the battery life you expect.

Which Notebooks Does the 312-0460 Support?

This battery will work with the Dell Vostro 1000, the Dell Latitude 131L, and the Dell Inspiron 6400, 1501, and E1505.

You can also use this battery to replace ones with the following Dell part numbers: UD265, UD264, UD260, TD349, TD347, TD344, RD857, RD855, RD850, PR002, PD946, PD945, PD942, KD476, 451-10339, 312-0600, 312-0467, 312-0460, 312-0428, and 312-0427.

Fitting Your New 312-0460 Battery

Once your new battery arrives, fitting it is a cakewalk. Turn your notebook over and locate the battery latch. It should be located just above the battery compartment. Slide this latch to unlock the battery, which you should then be able to pull out. Reverse this procedure with your new battery and push it into place until the latch clicks.

The battery will be empty when you receive it, so you'll need to do a full charge before you go mobile. If the initial charge completes too quickly, don't worry. Replacement batteries sometimes need to charge/discharge a few times before they can reach maximum capacity.

Disposing of Your Old Battery

Don't throw your old battery into the trash, because this is illegal in some states. Even if it's not forbidden in your state, it's somewhat irresponsible. Batteries contain toxic chemicals, which will leak into the environment when dumped in a landfill site. Here are a few suggestions to safely dispose of your old 312-0460 battery.

Local Recycling Points

Your municipal council may provide drop-off points for batteries or maybe even collect them with other recycling materials.

In Stores

Some states, such as New York, require battery vendors to accept old batteries for recycling, even if you didn't purchase one there. If your state doesn't require this, you can still try larger chains such as Best Buy and Staples. They may well have a battery collection point, and many stores may be participants in the Call2Recycle Program.

Look After Your New 312-0460 Battery

Make sure you continue to get the best from your 312-0460 by taking a few precautions. First, make sure your laptop doesn't get too hot. If needed, try cleaning the vents with a can of compressed air and/or buying a cheap laptop cooler. Second, take the battery out when it's not needed, such as when you're exclusively using AC power.

This article was published on Wednesday 15 April, 2015.