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Buy 9-Cell Battery and Charger for Dell Studio 15 (1555)

Getting replacement parts for older Dell notebooks can sometimes be a challenge. Often the parts you see are not original Dell products, so they may not be of the same quality. If you're looking to buy a 9-Cell battery and charger for your Dell Studio 15 (1555), you've come to the right place.
Our parts are original Dell products, not cheap third-party compatibles, so you can rest easy knowing they'll work fine in your Dell Studio 15. What's more, we offer them at reasonable prices and ship direct to you.

Battery for the Dell Studio 15 (1555)

If you're looking for a new notebook battery, your old one has either broken down or got to the point that its life has diminished dramatically. Fitting a new battery will return you to the same experience as when you first bought your Dell Studio 1555.

There are two types of battery for the Dell Studio 1555. The 6-cell battery is a little cheaper, and it stores 56Wh of electricity, which should provide about 3 hours of mobile use in typical applications with power saving turned on. If you use your notebook on the go a lot, however, you probably want to pay a little more for the 9-cell version. This holds a charge of 85Wh, so it should give 50% more mobile use than the 6-cell battery.

These original Dell products come with a 1-year warranty. They're also brand new, not reconditioned units. Always be wary of cheaper alternatives. These are often not Dell products, so they may be made to a lower standard. Sometimes they don't fit well into your notebook, or your notebook may not recognize them. Sometimes they work for a while but fail relatively quickly.

If you look at the customer reviews (if available) for these products, you can see for yourself the potential problems they can give.

Charger for Dell Studio 1555

An AC adapter for your Dell Studio 1555 is much cheaper to replace, yet it's an essential part of your system. Without a charger, not only can you not charge the battery, you can't even use it from mains power.

For Dell Studio 15 notebooks, you need a 90W charger from the PA-10 family of AC adapters. Dell made many versions of this, but it doesn't really matter which one. You could get this one for example. You can find a full list of compatible AC adapters here.

Just like with batteries, there are cheap compatible chargers that may tempt you. Think again, though, because some chargers can be unreliable, inefficient, and prone to failure due to poor build quality. In extreme cases, some aren't built to basic safety standards, even if they display the usual certifications. Remember, AC power is extremely dangerous, and if an AC adapter isn't adequately insulated, it can pose a potential danger.

Some units appear to carry the Dell logo, so you might think they're Dell products. Think again, because some manufacturers fraudulently use trademarks or modify them slightly to avoid trademark infringement. Always make sure it's actually an original product.

Now you know where to buy a 9-cell battery and charger for the Dell Studio 15 (1555), what's stopping you? Order today and we'll ship them to your door.

This article was published on Thursday 21 May, 2015.