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HP 380467-001 AC Adapter

Has the AC adapter for your HP/Compaq notebook broken down? Being able to connect your notebook to the mains is essential to using it properly. You won't even be able to use it at all once your battery runs out, leaving all your data trapped inside.

Fortunately, the AC adapter is one of the easiest parts to replace. We have genuine HP 380467-001 AC adapters ready to ship. Just order one with us and you'll have your HP notebook up and running again in no time.

What Notebooks Does the HP 380467-001 Support?

You naturally need the right AC adapter for your particular notebook. Check your notebook model against the list below to make sure the HP 380467-001 is right for yours.

Compaq Armada: Evo N200/N100/N400/N600/N800 Series, Evo N1000 Series, Armada V Series, Armada M Series, Armada E Series, Evo N200/N100/N400/N600/N800 Series, Armada 100 Series, Evo N1000 Series, Armada V Series, Armada M Series, Armada E Series, and Armada 100 Series.

HP Business Notebook: nw8000 Series, nc8000/nc6000/ nc4200/nc4000, and Business Notebook nx9000/ nx7000/nx6130/nx6110/ nx5100/nx4800.

Tablet PCs: The TC4200/TC1000/TC1100 series of tablet PCs.

Compaq Presario: 2800/1500/900, x1000, and M2000 Series.

Tips When Buying an AC Adapter

When you buy an AC adapter, get one that's made by your notebook manufacturer, or at least one from a reputable brand. Compatible adapters may seem cheaper, but they're often not made to the same standards. Some may have efficiency issues, while others may break down quickly or just be downright dangerous.

Looking for an AC Adapter for a Different Notebook?

Can't find your notebook in the list above? Don't panic. We have AC adapters for a wide range of notebooks and laptops from all the major manufacturers. To locate the right part, go to our home page and follow the instructions below:

To browse

You can use the categories browser on the left of our home page to navigate to your notebook/laptop model. First click on "By Brands" and then click on the manufacturer of your notebook (e.g., HP/Compaq). This will open a list of all relevant models. Locate your notebook model and click the link to display all the parts we have for that model.

To search:

You can also quickly locate a product with the quick search box (top-left of the page). If you don't know the part number, just enter your notebook model together with what you need, such as "Compaq Presario M2000 AC adapter" or "HP nw8000 battery". This will get you a list of all the relevant products we have.

Looking for Other Parts and Accessories?

Our range isn't limited to just AC adapters. We stock a wide range of parts. While you're with us, maybe you need a new battery as well. Laptop batteries degrade over time, and you'll gradually find you get less and less time between charges. Getting a new one will enable you to use your notebook for hours between charges again.

Finding the right battery is easy with us. For example, if you need one for a Compaq Presario 900, simply type "Compaq Presario 900 battery" into the search box to get a list of suggestions.

This article was published on Wednesday 08 April, 2015.