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Are you looking for a replacement battery for your Dell XPS M1210 notebook? We have brand new, original Dell batteries in stock at great prices. The Dell 312-0435 is a larger 9-cell Lithium-Ion battery with an impressive 84Wh storage capacity, so you'll have plenty of battery life.
If you've been struggling with a failing battery, getting a new battery really makes sense, especially if you're upgrading from the 6-cell battery that some units shipped with. You'll be able to enjoy over four hours of battery life from your XPS M1210 again, just like when you first bought it.
While you could also get a 6-cell replacement, we seriously recommend the 9-cell battery. The powerful CPU and discrete graphics of the Dell XPS M1210 can eat power fast, especially if you run intensive applications or demanding games.

Fitting Your New 312-0435 Battery

Despite being an ultramobile notebook, it's still easy to change the battery on the XPS M1210. Start by shutting down and disconnecting the power cable. Next, turn the notebook over and slide the release latch for the battery bay until you hear a click. You can now slide the old battery out toward the back of the notebook and lift it out. Put it aside for now, but be sure to read our advice on how to dispose of your old battery responsibly.
Installing the new battery is basically the same process in reverse. Just be sure that the two tabs on the battery slide into the matching slots in the notebook. You can now reconnect the power and charge your new battery.
If the notebook indicates the battery is full after a very short time, say 10 or 15 minutes, you may need to remove and reinstall the battery. This is a common quirk among rechargeable batteries, but it should be fine after reinstallation.

Disposing of Your Old Battery

Rechargeable batteries contain highly toxic chemicals that can seep into the environment when dumped in landfill sites. It's therefore important to dispose of your battery in a responsible manner. Many states even have laws to enforce to this.
If your municipality doesn't collect batteries for recycling, you can often drop them off in electrical stores, even if you didn't originally buy it from there. This is especially true of the big chain stores, which often have in-store collection points.
If you still struggle to find somewhere, check the Call2Recycle website for a local collection point. This organization has thousands of collection points nationwide.

One Last Recommendation:

Even with a 312-0435 9-cell battery, the powerful nature of the Dell XPS M1210 notebook limits it to about four hours of battery life, less if you use it aggressively. To make sure you get the most out of it, why not invest in a combination AC/Auto/Air adapter?
With this handy charger, you'll always be able to use or charge your notebook, whether you're in a vehicle, on an airplane, or even just near a standard AC socket. As an added bonus, you'll have a spare AC adapter. This can be extremely useful if your original AC adapter suddenly dies.

This article was published on Saturday 20 June, 2015.